Crazy Monkey

With a playful monkey as the main character, Crazy Money is one of the funniest slot machines in the industry. Enjoy funny animations and play now if you get bored, as you can do it in the free play version or the in real money one. You follow the adventures of a mad monkey and will help her gather fruits while she will get in all sorts of trouble. Are you ready for a trip into the jungle where you can come back with a lot of money?

Crazy Monkey online game follows the classic 5 reel and 9 payline version. Play this free slot machine and choose a stake from 1 to 25 for each line. All symbols are from the mad monkey world: a banana, a pineapple, a lion, a snake, a butterfly and even an anvil! As in other games, after a good line you can try to double your winnings. Choose one of four hidden cards, and if you’re lucky, you will have a higher value than the dealers.

As usual, you win when you have at least 2-3 of the same symbols on a line. The skull should not scare you because in this slot machine that symbol is a wild and replaces any other symbol. Most exciting, especially when you play for money, is if you have three or more monkeys on the screen. You will enter a bonus round where you have to shoot five ropes and wait a fabulous prize if the Crazy Monkey remains alive until the end! Get into the Free Play mode now!